Thursday, 12 April 2012

JiJi Kiki Kawaii

Have you been to Jiji Kiki?...Wait.....What! you haven't ?!
Well I follow JiJi KiKi on Facebook and love what I have seen.I have a thing for Hand made items and Jewellery ( with so much other stuff too Btw.)it means more to me to spend my money on something that's hand made with love <3
So if your not following them get on it as they are doing a
 contest right know so give it ago!

(I am giving it a go you never know *__* !)

I like the quirky and Kawii stuff myself in the shop adore the little faces on the items they make me smile too I  have found myself all starry eyed looking at the stuff on the page as well as seeing and reading the updates on the facebook that appear on my new feed.
Ive not ordered from them myself but I'm rather penny less since i spend it all on my Hello kittys ;___; whoops!
But would like to in the future since the stuff is more a vast range from the likes of RoxiSweetHeart again I do like the stuff there but not sure if I could wear it but I would ware these below!

Think this is well Cute!

And this lil Lucky Neko Chan!

He is so sweet,He would look good with my Bunny Ring from Kooki!

AWWW and yes they even have Super Kawaii Plushies (LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.)
I think my Daughter would too she had a Twinkle star that would sing but he stopped singing ;__;
Will Take note of this for her birthday-come Xmas (why on earth she came on christmas day @__@.)
Gona have to save hard core to get some of these lovely goodies!
Please go check them out guys x

Stay Kawaiix

*Images from Jiji Kiki with permisson