Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kawaii and the Cuties

So the other day My Hubby's client was asking about Facebook and how to get a Page direct like for example likes of,So my hubby put in Kawaii Kreations and lots and lots of things came up,I just had to have a look at them since they were Kawaii Related!

This one here called Kawaii-and-the-Cuties came up and I had a good looky around the picture of their stuff I had to translate a few things as it was in Italian! @__@ but I have a translator so here is what I found!

 This is a cute necklace with a love heart macaroon very Lolita like!

I also come across these sweet and adoreable earrings with Kawaii little smiles

I love this new Craze of what I called Fairy Bottles but they may have a other name but I think any princess would love this! *insert Starry eyes here!*

I like this one the most and the Stars in the bottle above soo cute!

To order you contact the Ladies that are both Lolita's from Italy and they say... 
'We love Kawaii and one day we decided to Create a new world full of sweets,Ice-creams and colours and want to share this with other people so we created Kawaii and the Cuties.'' Marty and Jazzy. :3

I like how you can tell its Handmade and the fact these are utterly Chuuuuu Cute!
Each item is different and unique.
Some are also listed here.

Stay Kawaii x

*All Images are from Kawaii and the Cuties