Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Whaa! check out this Esty shop that has found its way to me,sweet sugary goodness and Kawaii overload.

''BubblegumCandycane offers super cute, dependable lolita/decora/fairy kei inspired accessories that will instantly cute up any outfit! Whether you're looking for a finishing touch to an elaborate co-ord or simply want to add a dash of cuteness to a casual outfit, there's something for everyone! ''

I feel its important to get to know small business and their owners,it make things feel more personal and friendly.
I got together with the lovely store owner Gina and asked her about her adorable esty store!
So lets get to now more about Bubblegum Candycane.

Hi there an you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Gina, the owner of new Etsy store Bubblegumcandycane, which offers affordable accessories for lolita’s and fairy kei/kawaii enthusiasts! 

As well as creating accessories for my store I enjoy channelling my energy into my other hobbies such as photography and writing, and taking care of my crazy kitten, Mittens.
(kawaii ne,I lover kittehs too.)
My favourite fashions to wear are Lolita (a variety, from Gothic to sweet), Victorian Goth, Steam punk and a few other wacky and eccentric styles!

Wow you sound super busy all the time,what made you start to create your Jewellery?

After becoming increasingly disillusioned with a lack of job opportunities in my city I started brainstorming other ways to make a little money.

 I’d wanted to start up a store for years but finally plucked the courage to do it when I realized I could really enjoy it. I chose jewellery because it can be so easily customized to suit different styles, and I had a specific ‘cutesy’ niche in mind. 
I bought some supplies in my local jewellery store and online and got stuck in!

What gave you the idea to open up shop?

I’d had the idea in my mind for quite a few years but it was my mother who pushed me into making it a reality! I dwelled on ‘what if’s’ but in the end I decided to just go for it.

 I’d never imagined I’d have so much fun with it, from creating banners and packaging to photographing each item- it’s great, and a lot of work!

Aw am glad your mother gave you that extra push!

Can you tell us what inspires your products as they are super cute?

Thank you! 

I get inspired by many things; looking at my own Lolita coordinates and asking myself what kind of accessories I’d like to wear with them, checking out the work of other designers and asking friends their opinions. 
I also love to leaf through books featuring the wonderfully unique Japanese street fashions, and keep up with websites that report on J-fashion styles.
 Etsy has a great range of Teams, which is a group of shop owners specializing in similar items who come together to discuss and promote their work, offering much needed inspiration and advice to everyone.

What fashions and styles would you like to see your products be worn with?

The more the better! 

Typically I create my items with Lolita, Fairy Kei and Decora enthusiasts in mind, but I’d find it really interesting to see them worn with other styles; it’s great to see other people’s creativity. 
When making the pearl bracelets I thought ‘hmm, these could work with a retro 50’s look too!’

Please tell us as we are all Kawaii Lovers,What's the most Kawaii thing you personally own?

This is a tough one, as I’ve amassed a ton of kawaii items over the years. 

Apart from my cat, I’d have to say my ‘Happy Squirrel’ Lolita JSK which has a print of Squirrels in hats at a party and eating cake! 
(aww cute ^^)

Where would you like to see your shop in the near and later future?

In the near future I plan to expand the range of items in my shop; I aim to offer accessories for a wide array of cute styles, and offer necklaces, hair accessories and other trinkets which I’m still in the process of brainstorming, so watch this space! 

Eventually I would love to see the store have a good reputation within the J-Fashion community for offering cute and long-lasting products for reasonable prices, and to be generally successful! 

Do you plan to go to any expos or conventions some time to sell?

Cause it would be super nice to meet you in person at them!

I would love to! 

I'm currently working on having a stall at local Japanese culture and anime convention Lucky Con next year, so fingers crossed! 
Since I’m just starting out it will be a while before I have the opportunity to do so often, but vending would be such a fun experience and is definitely on my list of aspirations for the store in the future.

What’s coming up for the store in the near future? 

I have a lot of ideas and will soon be stocking some more cute items, and expanding into necklaces and headwear. 

The best place to keep up to date on the items coming soon/in progress is on the stores Facebook here and Etsy pages, the former will eventually have discount codes and is a place where you can have a say in what I stock! 

so lets have a look at some of the kawaii product you can find over at the online esty shop.

Kawaii head bands with ears and decoden!

nom nom nom ice scream scoop ring

Dark yet stunning black bow ring perfect for any Gothic lolita.

Super sweet bracelet's with a touch of shiny kawaii love.
anit these super kawaii?!

Do I need to say anything about this ring,no its Hello Kitty,its so cute!
Its time to go shopping hai!
stay super kawaii