Friday, 30 November 2012

Kawaii lip balms

Winter...its cold,you come in the house or office and the heat dries out your skin and your lush lips,it is so annoying,chapped lips are not Kawaii at all or nice to have, so why not lacker them in some Kawaii lippy gloss and give you a reason to smile through the winter months.
Here is some cuties I have found on the Internet.

Not the most cute looking but I have heard a lot about this organic lip balm with lots of good reviews,you can buy them on amazon but kinda funky looking 

Found this cutie fruity looking lip balm 

Even lots of Hello Kitty ones!

I have a few hello kitty ones!No surprise there of course!

Ice cream lip balm any one?

good enough to eat!

Love the pastel colours of these cute macaroons!
Not only are there different shapes for the lip balms there are lots of tin cases that have cute images on them too.

Are these cute or what,I bet its easy to pick up something like these in a local super-drug store or online.
so sweet and your lips with thank you for it too!