Friday, 28 December 2012

New Cool Boots Review

Hello Kawaii ones! 

Ah its been a while since i got anything in the post since Christmas eve and I had a mental note of something due to come but it came today -Yay!
A good few weeks ago I got in touch with,they were looking for some Bloggers and are the sister company of but Yeswalker are more about shoes and bags,Anyhow after a few emails back and forward,them checking out my Blog and such and I got to pick some shoes to review.Yay!


I was a hard time to pick only one pair haha!
So on to the review 
-Hope you guys will have a look (site is under some web work at this time but will be up and running very soon ) as there may be something there for you.
Check em out on facebook!

The website is easy to use and simple enough to find everything,from the products to FAQ's.
I cant say much more about it as I was in direct contact via email with the staff,
But after a few times strolling through the shoes,boots and letting myself wonder to the bags on the website.

Which is really easy to use and lots of many styles and fashion trends to pick form.

Shipping and postage
Its free shipping world wide.

A yay from me there and  it takes a while about 6-14 business days for shipping which is not that long a wait.I have waited months for some things coming over seas.
The product was well packed in a shoe size box with a label and tissue paper inside,the box was sealed well in a plastic fitted bag to protect the box which had the shipping address on it.

Product Review
I have been hanging off buying myself some footwear as knew these were due around Christmas time and I picked a pair of smart stylish boots that I have lots idea of using with my outfits,I picked these are they are more my personal rock style and loved the look of them on the website.
Spikes and in black boots.

They are the same as the website shows.They are the kind of shoes you don't need to wear in.I love the fact they are soft and so stylish haha!
I ordered a Size UK4 am more a 3.5 size (yes I has tiny feet) so these are roomy but the lace's can be tightened and I can slip a extra pair of socks on in the winter months or a insole come the warmer weather. I often wear 2 pairs of socks anyway cause I am a cold person.

I inspected the spikes and was happy to find that the spikes on the inner part of the boot are covered up nothing more annoying that having a bit of metal rub on your ankles,and I checked the laces,they seem pretty tough as i have had many shoes that the laces have broken in a few times of pulling them tight. 
But these ones are tougher than ones I have had before.
I also went for a more flat type of boot because I am completely useless when it comes to Heels haha!
The heels on this are not very high at all which makes these easy to wear and walk in .

Boots with spikes and buckle.

Close up of spikes and heel.

Over all thoughts.
I love these boots,they are very me,they can dress up any outfit,looks super cool and Ive not come across a nice pair like this in the shops,they have either been in a other colour or the spikes look ready to fall off,where these ones look like they were made just for me hehe!
I would say I could see me going back to or in the future,the customer service and communication is very good and they are all so very nice,They have a huge range,and the free shipping in a big plus and I would recommend them to a friend and you guys of course!

sorry for the grumpy photo lol I was super tired.


I thought the price was a little expensive for my own personal shopping when it comes to shoes BUT with the free shipping and the fact I love the boots and style,I would cave in and give into the price.

Hope you enjoyed my review.
I will post up more photos over on my Facebook page and account so keep your eyes peeled on my new boots and outfits !
Till later.