Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pinkoholic is making me a shopaholic

I have come across a awesome clothing shop and everything is super Kawaii ^^ 
I am in total love with it...and more so with the fact its full of KAWAII Hello Kitty goodness!
Am in love with so much of this stuff from Pinkoholic its unreal,its a little place of online shopping heaven !
Kawaii ne desu!~

So when saw the hello kitty stuff -I just had to get some of it!
I came across this online shop via face book and then that led me to the online shop funny how that happens far to often damm you Facebook I will never save at this rate. 
So it didn't take me long to pick want I wanted,I went for a jumper and already got my heart set on a other one and a Kawaii hello kitty winter hat.
I cant not stress on the cute-ness of this shop!


Here are a few items I wanted to share with you,I will be doing a review on my order in the next few days and for some reason I can see myself ordering a few other things from them. 

But here is a few cute things I wanted to share!
All images belong to Pinkoholic unless stated otherwise.

So KAWAII love this hat it comes in pink too!

This bag! 

This super angelic Hoodie!

I adore this dress I'm not sure if I would wear it as its white but I love the wine and candy pint that could become a Lolita outfit with ease!
Like I have said there is a lot of goodies on this shop site and so much of it I must have!
So check them out!
Till Later

Stay super Kawaii