Monday, 14 January 2013

New Kawaii Shopping

Its been a while since I have posted on my blog about my own kawaii findings,Ive been lucky and picked up alot of kawaii goodies but they have taken a while to get here due to the post and the christmas holidays and some of it coming from over seas.
Feels like am forever waiting on post.

 Do any of you mind the beanie/barret style hat I have with the cat ears? Well I found it again but in black so I went ahead and ordered it as I love those had they are more mature looking and I can get away with wearing it most of time when I have to head out or meet others but dont want to be hugely Kawaii and in the face to attract to much attention.So I got that in black so it can go with my more red shades of my wigs as the creamy ones sort of clashes a bit.

The other thing I got is a pair or leopard print Nerd Glasses,I love these things,I got em off Ebay for like 99p!
They are really cute.

As well I got my hands on cute necklace from Little Miss Kitty off of Esty,I wanted to get it for a cute but creepy outfit I have been planning to wear some time soon,its one of those fuzzy inverted crosses on a black  chain,I really like crosses even though am not a person for Christian faith and such.
Maybe it s cause they are rather gothic looking and quite in with the rock chic look that is in all the shops the past few months.
Any way so I got that necklace and its very kawaii.

Here is also a haul for river Island I got in the sales

I seem to have a thing for leopard print and spikes,I love leopard print and more so if its in a cute pink shade too.
The other thing I got a while back but forgot to post it up (like months ago lol!)is a new Hello Kitty's to add to my collection!

This is a meant to be a round ball shape of hello kitty its a bit off shape but its so kawaii!

So till next time!