Sunday, 21 April 2013

Its all about the wigs!

Hello Kawaii Lovers!
I have not posted much since Doj-con! The shame! Heh, Sorry about that.
(^_^;;) However I have been working on a few videos for you ^_^ cause I wanted to share my passion of my wigs and collection of wigs - I had no idea I had so many hehe.
And how I have 3 videos for you all can be found on my Youtube Channel and my other videos too.

So The 1st video is My Lockshop Collection,

I would say my Lockshop wigs are the most used and most loved wigs.

The second video is my other wigs that have come from Gothic Lolita wigs and other wigs from likes of Ebay. There even is a giggle of Hello Kitty-ness in this one hehe.

And finally just a short Video of my self showing you, How to put on a wig.
Yea can't really say to much about it,Just me putting a wig on.

Feel Free to comment and follow me on my channel as I will be putting up more videos and learning to edit them better too!

Till Next time!