Monday, 29 April 2013

Strawberry's and Tartan

Hello every one ! How are you Kawaii Lovers, Its the start of the week are you ready to get kawaii with my review?

Yup, I been saving my moneys to spend in the online store called Kawaii Companions. Its a online store that you will find a small amount of kawaii goodies, don't go thinking oh they don't have much , well okay they do not have much but However! The products they have are utterly kawaii and adorable. Not to forget the great quality of the products ! (^_^)v
So, Lets go have a look at what I ordered.

Ordering from the online store is a delight, the website is bright and oh so kawaii- I feel in love with the images and design, They are based in the big city Edinburgh a good hour and a bit of a drive form me. It is made up of a small team of delightful people who have put a lot of work into the website.
The art work and images remind me a lot of the Momiji Dolls that you get - I have a few of them hehe! But they are much more brighter and kawaii looking . Its like a website portal to a kawaii world. (>.<) Hai!

I ordered a pair of tights from the site and a ring in the matching print - I really wanted to buy the matching necklace but I was a bit sort on funds.
My order was placed on the Friday and on the Monday  got my order, I noticed that my parcel was covered with kawaii stickers- wow they know how to keep everything kawaii.  opened up my order and everything was boxed well and displayed very professionally and again so kawaii! See for your selves!

Not only did I get my order I was over the moon to find that they had put some extras in my order, of a extra ring and the matching necklace as a thank you for my order  they ever wrote a small letter too as I was their 1st customer! WHAT!?!
No way (0.o) I thought that hundreds of Kawaii Lovers would be dying to buy these products! Maybe no one has noticed them and this gem of a cute online store?!- I hope my blog post will help them by sending my readers over to them and buy these goodies too!
Lets have a look at the details of the products!

Every thing is so cute and matches so well, I was very lucky to have a Jsk come the same day so once I was dying to try it on with my new jewellery and tights and make it into some kind of coord.So here are some more photos for you all!

I adore the print on the tights its sooo cute and cheerful, They were a great size and when they stretched when putting them on the images and print was not effected so they have been made well with the print and the colours are very bright and oh so kawaii!

The rings are one size and can be made bigger not a problem for me as I didn't need to adjust mine in any way, I love the detail and the little sparkles on the nose and cheeks of Ichigo!

The Necklace is a full body shape of the character Ichigo that comes on a long red ball chain necklace that is so cute, sits really nicely again she has the sparkles and is made with all of attention to detail.I love her face expression too! 
Here is a over all photo I di'n,t get many photos with my tights though! maybe next time for any other coords. So here is a other foot photo (>.<) hehe!


Outfit photos with everything on.

It seemed to work well with my outfit as they stand out, however its not stopping me looking for a strawberry themed Lolita outfit hehe! So go check em out and get kawaii with Kawaii Companions!

Stay super kawaii !
Tartan xxx chuu xxx