Monday, 27 May 2013

Cherry Blossoms and Pastels

Hello Kawaii lovers, how are you all- yes I know not been posting as much as I would like -I have been rather busy and for a change not due to extra blogging but trips out and about.
The weekend was so pretty and warm-ish. Which was nice weather for taking a walk and snapping some kawaii photos of my favourite type of trees, the 'Sakura' cherry blossom tree.
So I grabbed my camera and headed out, I also wore my newest (non-lolita) dress.

Here are some pretty photos I got with my camera.

It was such a nice day to get out and about, Today I went out for a look around the shops and picked up a few cute things that you could easily use for J- fashion styles.

I picked up some lip tins and a new mascara (^_^) with this cute pearl gem and spike style hair band for a £1...Wow


I got this cool cross snood style scarf. 
A adorable floral hair band and that is also very sweet.

I also found this pastel shade dye Denim waist jacket too in the sale!
I had been eyeing it up for a while.
Its got a nice pink and purple shade to it and studs around the collar and shoulders.
so cute!

Till next time

Tartan Kawaii.