Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hello Kitty Meet

Last weekend I had a great weekend, Not only was there a Birthday, Our Anniversary but I also got to meet a other Hello Kitty fan.
My day started early as I had to travel by train with my little family to Glasgow not only to meet a other Hello Kitty fan but to go and meet Hello Kitty herself...yup you read that right, Hello Kitty. 

on the train
\(*0*)/ I wore a simple Jeans, top and hoodie but it was all Hello Kitty themed. I would have worn Lolita but I was in mummy mode with taking Chibi bean- I had to let her also meet Hello Kitty!

After a hour or son on the train and talking to the folk next to us we got to Glasgow and headed down to Hamleys where the even was being held, I think we were only in the store for 10 mins wondering about , for me to be jumped by my fellow (Scottish) Kitty fan- (huhuh).
After a squeal ,hug and exchange of gifts as our husbands looked on in horror as having a Hello Kitty wife was bad enough, 2 Hello Kitty fans meeting in one place with Hello Kitty products  who just clicked together...well you could see the fear dawn on them realising this would be their idea of a nightmare.
(^_^) Heehee!
My friend was also dressed up for meeting Hello Kitty to with her super kawaii leggings that had the print of all the Sanrio characters all over it!

After a bit of looking at products and a catch up we wanted to meet Hello Kitty, What happened next was a bit funny, With the form we filled in I put I was a blogger and then with my friend telling all the staff (LOL) we ended up getting a bit of extra time with Hello Kitty for Chibi bean and I got some lovely snaps with her and Hello Kitty that I hope I can edit and put in some frames around the house.Not only did Chibi Bean get her photos the staff were so nice and friendly to her, Chibi bean was getting so tired and hungry.
\(*0*)/ Chibi bean was so Star Stuck Meeting Hello Kitty and even gave Kitty a Cuddle ( most Heart melting moment ever!) Since Chibi bean is a big fan too!

I got lots of snaps of all the Hello Kitty products and Kawaii things around the shop!
The staff didnt even bat a eyelid, maybe they thought I was some kind of famous Blogger cause I had my camera round my neck like some kind of VIP.
So here is a huge amount of Hello Kitty products photo spam lol!

baby stuff!

handbags and basket of kittys

mini safari kittys

fuzzy photo of kitty stuffs

sunkiss tan kitty!
There was so much stuff to look at and check out!

Those 3 kitty's were expensive!

oh it was like a Hello Kitty Heaven for me- I was so happy seeing all the products as there is nothing like this in the place am from and it was so much fun sharing it with my friend too.
We also did get to meet Hello Kitty!

I got to pose with Hello Kitty too!
She was so cute, I felt like a Child again it was so cool getting my photo taken with her and then Later both posing with me and my Hello Kitty friend together Kawaii!!!

We had so much fun but my  friend had to head home to pack her suitcases for her holiday trip and meet the Spanish Hello Kitty (T^T) so will will have to make a date for a meet up sometime!
I wanted to buy something from my day trip but it was so hard to pick something with so much to pick from!

I want them all!!

£175 worth Kitty! (*0*)

I so wanted that oversized Hello Kitty! Plush! Kawaii!
I had such a great day and wish I could do it all over again!
On the way home I kept every one entertained with Makado and silly faces!

Here is what I also bought in the end!

Hello Kitty in a red cute bow dress, a Hello Kitty Ring and tiny note book,  And a Build a bear Kitty with outfit.

Till next time.
Stay Super Kawaii