Saturday, 29 June 2013

Its all about Petite.

Hello every one!(^_^)v
How are you all today?
I really need to update more often hehe! Okay well today topic is all about Poof and am talking about volume here, more to the point when it comes to wearing Lolita dresses, I made a purchase on a new underskirt/ Petit coat. And oh my good-ness its got alot of POOF to it! Maybe too much poof is that even possible?
Any how I got it off Ebay for about £10 form the UK it was suggested in a post on a Facebook Lolita group so I I know my Hell Bunny one is rather long and has lost its poof so I went ahead to buy it.
It came really quick and the other day I put it to the test.

Here is my Bodyline floral blossom print JSK with nothing under it -underskirt wise.

This is it with my Hell bunny underskirt. You can see a bit of shape form it and a causal amount of poof

And this is a photo with the new underskirt- its not the best photo I admit and it was a bad photo here but I was rushing about hehe!
I have not wore it out yet,but I think it will do till I can save for a better day
What kind of underskirts do you like and use?