Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Peppermint Puff Review

Hey all, today I have a new Review* for you all. Like every girl who loves a bit of jewellery having a piece of jewellery that you only have makes it even more special. So when Peppermint Puff and I got together , I just had to share these items with you.

As a Kawaii Fashion lover checking out the items by Peppermint Puff was a delight, cute fairy kei , Sweet Lolita and kawaii is covered. Each one a one piece item that only is made for you.
Hearts, stars and cute unicorns to pick from in accessories that range from necklaces , earrings and rings.  Peppermint Puff is found on Facebook , so why not give them a like there and follow the links to the Esty store and Website  , Where you can find all the products.  
The Website is super easy to use , emails were sent to keep me updated on my order and it came super fast with picking first class royal mail . My order all came in a Shiny  pink bubble protected bag, I love these bags , it makes the post even more colourful right?! My ordered items came in a presentation box too. Which had the company logo on them - so cute .

I ordered a pair of earrings- I saw these and feel in love, Hot pink, Hearts and Sparkles! They looked like the sorta thing I would need for my kawaii style!

 The earrings are heart shape acrylics making them super light to ware all day and with my kawaii wigs, and are outlined with rhinetones given them that sparkle. I adore mine so much and got to wear them when out on a date with the Mr.  They are just so pretty, What I love is that these could suit any one and any style no matter what it is.

The other two items were necklaces, One is an simple charm pendent of a pastel cutie Unicorn called Sprinkles who is just a darling. Its on a standard gold shade chain can be used to turn a plain outfit super cute. Or maybe you just want to add a little Kawaii to your outfit with out making is a statement piece. I think its pretty sweet and enjoyed wearing this item it was made with acrylic material and is light weight. There is more statement pieces of Sprinkles the unicorn and its Panda friend on the website which are worth checking out!

The other necklace is one I fell in love with right away, A Gumball style necklace in pinks and blues all connected and fasten at the back with a toggle attachment. It is a chunky piece and if you like that sorta thing you will love this. At this time there is no more Gumball styles of necklace . But Peppermint Puff are looking into looking for more styles like this, which is good news. I loved the length on this item and it sits so well when worn. I love that this is pretty cute and could be worn with a normal outfit or a kawaii style and would complement it so well.

Over all I adore my new jewellery and hope to wear these as much as I can as they can be used for so many styles and for that very causal outfit they can bring you a kawaii element with ease.
So go! Go check out Peppermint Puff and grab your own piece of kawaii accessories!

Tartan xox

Links you will need~
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/PeppermintPuff
Twitter -https://twitter.com/Peppermint_Puff
Instagram- https://instagram.com/peppermintpuff/