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Monday, 29 February 2016

Tartan Kawaii on Grunge

Okay so as much as I love my Kawaii fashions and all. At heart am a lover of that grunge look.
When am not dressed up in my Kawaii style .I am in Grunge mode. Unless is a really lazy day and I throw on a hoodie and refuse to pull down my hood for the outside world and hide until I feel I am human enough to return. Aye. So. Let's talk Grunge fashion and the things I really like. Well 1st off Grunge blends into Hipster style a bit with other styles ( emo. scene, gothic blah blah and so on.) Which is pretty handy if you want to explore styles too. But I love the lazy-chilled look it gives off. When am not being Tartan and all Kawaii . I love to be pretty chilled out.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How to be Kawaii -Skin Care

Hey cuties!
Oh am so sorry I have been so half bothered about my blog, I suppose I really have had no motivation of late to blog about anything, everything has gone so quite! But I have not forgotten about my blog!
I am actually going to give it a bit of love and attention by giving it a make over! but it will take time . Talking of Make overs my blog post today is going to be all about my Skin Care routine.
Having Good healthy clear skin is a start on becoming and staying super Kawaii!

I am often asked, ''What's your secret?'' '' How is your skin so clear and perfect?'' ''Do you suck the youth of children to look so young?!''. Well yes I do suck the youth of children to keep my eternal young looking skin- that there, is my secret...OF course not!! *stares blankly* So I thought, I would share what I do. It really is not any secret at all. And if it helps you in any way or might give you some ideas then its worth a shot then.

The Brands that I use are Simple its a nice easy to use range of products , The Moisture, Toners and make up removers .These are products I have used for years and like them as they are gentle and light on my kind of skin..I have no idea what sort of skin I have but I will take a guess and say its c
The other products I use are the Good things Range from Boots which are the Manuka and Honey products of a Mask and Face Scrub. These I use either once a week, or every second week, I try to keep it to once a week to keep on top of giving my face a good clean but sometimes that is not the case. The Mask and the scrub smell so nice to me it is like giving myself a treat or some me time. As having a 3 year old little one clinging to you 24/7 . Some times you just want a bit of time to your self!

I admit I do not aways remember to use my Moisture and Toners, I try my best to mind to use my products before make up and such but am just being honest I do not always have the time. But one thing I do do, which i think plays a big part of keeping my skin nice and healthy is. I take off all my make up before bed, There was a time * hangs head in shame* where I would roll in from the dancing ( back in the day.) and be like out for the count or not be bothered to remove the make up and wake up the next day with make up smeared all over my face and pillow.. Not a Pretty sight haha!
Now I have a go to bed routine which is using my Simple products of Make up wipe removers. I switch from a cleanser one to a ex-foliate one the both do the same job. Once I get all my make up off I pay close attention to the eye area and be gentle around that and my lips.

Now if any of you know me well..I LOVE bright coloured and high pigmented lips, From Hot Pink to Bright Red! I love to have bright colours but those sorta colours can be powerful and some times dry your lips out or those ones which have high staying power ...yuno the ones, that are like water proof smudge proof and bullet proof, yup those's ones! They can really take it out on your lips so I like to use a lip scrub I got an Asian brand one- the name I have  forgotten- I use that every week when I do my face skin scrub and Mask.
But the other thing I do every night is layer on some chap stick or lip balm for my lips to get hydrated while I sleep.

Talking of sleep! Sleep is also a great thing for your skin. When you sleep your skin repairs its self, and a other top tip is drinking LOTS of Water! Yea when I have a cheeky day of junk food ...What? It's okay.. some times you have to eat all the things and junk and fizzy drinks but...I take the next day to snap out of it and avoid all junk food and flush it out my system by drinking more water, its good for your system and your body!
The other thing I like to do when I can is I take every so often a NO- Make-up day(s)! Yup that means NOTHING AT ALL! I go about my day bare faced and face all so natural, Its a good idea to let your skin breathe every once and a while , if you are not keen on the idea why not pick it as a day where you are not up for doing anything  or on holiday. I am not a person who can not leave the house with out make up but I do like to keep my best. But its something I do suggest you try.

Remember every one has different skin so some of the products I use might not be best suited for you - so best talk to those beauty girls at the department stores and am sure they can help you with products and skin care too!

So every one that's the big old secrets to my eternal youth *cough* I mean the secrets to my Skin Care, its just basic stuff and like every one else some times am on top of my game other times am not, but that's okay. I will just pick up the pieces tomorrow

Tartan x

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

How to be a Kawaii Pen Pal

Hello every cutie! Today I have a fun post. All about how to be a Kawaii Pen Pal!  I love having Pen Pals. And nothing beats getting a sweet letter from across the other side of the world to know that some one some where is thinking of you! So I thought it would be fun to encourage you all to have a go too.

The Very Important stuff!
Its very important to tell a adult about you wanting to be a pen pal if you a young thing, As you are giving out your mail address, So its best to get permission before you start. Maybe you already have some online world wide friends that would be willing to be a pen pal, there is groups that you can find on the internet but try and find some one with similar interests. I personally found mine through Instagram, Facebook and Hello Kitty Junkies.Pen Pal-ing can be serious business so please be very careful in what you write in your letters and give out.

Getting started. 
Often once you have made contact on looking for pen pals. They soon contact you, some pen pals have requirements like age-location- then they say what they dis/like. You can even make a set of rules in your call out for pen pals too.
Once some one contacts you on being a pen pal , I swap my details via email or Private message. (again please be carefull!) You may wish that they write to you 1st or the other way around. Keep hold of the email so you can email them in case of letters getting lost.  There is nothing worse!

Lets get writing!
So you have your pen pal and the address, Lets make a Kawaii Pen Pal Letter.

You will need to become a Kawaii pen pal!
Paper, any kind from simple lines to colourful and cute.
A pen or many pens.
Stickers and Ink stamps
Washi tape or sticky tape.

Writing is the easy part, tell your new pen pal a little about your self, like hobbies, interests. what a typical
day is like for you. What music you like things like that,Try and not be negative in your letters it might give a bad impression. Also never say a bad thing about some one in your letters either, Gossip is just rude. And they may know of this person especially if it is a other Pen pal. It is quite a tight community.

 Also don't forget to ask questions about your pen pal for them to answer in their letter to you back. You may want to make a mail tag, where you include some simple details about your self on a piece of card . You can even ask you pen pal to do this back for you. (it helps for a quick reference when you dont have the letter at hand when replying back).

Make it Kawaii !

Making you letters can be fun and kawaii at the same time. You just have to be super creative! It also helps to know what sort of things your new pen pal likes , so you can apply there likes to your letters. Like picking cute letter sets that have bunnies on them if they like bunnies for example. Its easy to obtain cute letter sets with matching envelopes online. I use a few online shops for my own letters to send. Nothing beats getting a super colourful envelope in the post among the dull ones when the post man comes round! 

When writing your Kawaii letter you could be very creative by using different coloured pens which can be a lot of fun as well as or why not write your letters with cute characters on your pens. Even try some drawings of little faces or emotions in what you are writing about in your letter. Teehee!

Why not add some decoration to your envelopes too you could draw some funny pictures around the address of the envelope and even some silly faces- It could even make the mail persons day seeing such a cute and cheerful envelope to pose!

Stickers are also a great way to make letters look cute ! They can really brighten up a letter again you could use kawaii characters likes of sanrio and san-x to add extra Kawaii. Or find something your pen pal likes and see if there is any stickers that you think would match their tastes. Don't forget to decorate the envelopes with stickers too! You really can get all kinds of stickers from cute kitty's to magical glittery anime girl ones. I adore stickers - Kyaa!

Decorative tape or Washi Tape is also a fun and cute way to make your envelopes really cute too and can come in handy for sealing your letters.Again there is all kinds of themes styles and even sizes to pick from when it comes to these tapes. Its much more fun than plain sticky tape to seal your letters , right!

Ink stamps is a other idea, you can find them in all shapes and sizes and unlike stickers you can use them over and over again to decorate your mail.

Over time you may wish to send a gift to your pen pal and you might want to set each other a limit in value for sending to each other. Its very nice to get a small gift from a new friend but so is getting Kawaii letters through the mail box too!

Don't forget to have plenty mail stamps and weight your letters before posting out letters. Always be careful in what details you give out. Don't be dis-hearted if your letters don't get a response back as your pen pal may be busy and needs some time to reply or there is a delay in postal services.
Most of all have fun with your pen pal letters and be super Kawaii!
Tartan <3