Thursday, 12 January 2012


Well I have been for days pulling my hair out over patterns of amigurumi,I have completed 2 full body projects,One being a very oddly shaped loopy ear bunny and the other a purple little baby bear whom I have grown attached to I have found that sewing the eyes on has not given the cute or kawaii appeal to them so have ordered some amigurumi safety eyes so at a small price to see how that works.I send my free time working on the projects and I want to keep trying at them to get into the swing of the shapes and patterns lucky for me there is a abundance of patterns online and I can save or download them,Also this time passing activity keeps me out of mischief and keeps my thoughts on track with the project at hand of focus.
I Ordered some Cute Panda stuff the other week a cute top socks and keyring as well i ordered a Tare-panda aka Lazy panda which I'm still waiting on to come in the post,I will have to leave the house at some point to also get more wool but like every one else money is very tight so I have been using scraps and cutting up old tops and removing buttons,I will have to look into other materials if i wish to make lots more amigurumi cuties as id like to get them adopted at a small price by others where you get your amigurumi,Its name and Bio.Just a fun cute idea that's been playing in my head as well on a more magical note i was thinking about when stuffing the amigurumi adding herbs to their stuffing in a fabric bag,not sure the exact idea as of yet but again its just an idea. Any how not much witchery has been done again because this has taken alot of my time up.
So here is Agate the purple Bear he is rather cute and cheeky and his birthday is on the 12th Jan.He likes cuddles and the colour white and loves a cuppa tea in the morning!He is not for adoption just yet x
Until we merry meet again

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Crafting Japanese style

Last year i painfully tried to learn how to knit and gave up after trying for weeks and then i desided to try Crochet,I ask my Gran for some books which I read and failed to follow what on earth they were on about!I was ready to give up but i really wanted to learn Amigurumi which is Japanese for knitted stuffed toy so its Japanese Crochet,Stuffed little animals that are utterly adorable and looked easy to make,HAHA so i thought.In the end i was getting no where fast only could chain on my wool,I took many weeks and attempts to try and get it but failed each time.
(sample of Teddy bear cupcakes.)
So Yesterday I decide hey its a new year and why not give it a other try,With my love for all thing Japanese and cute or should I say Kawaii things I didn't want to give up,My other half was impressed with my devotion to learn and keep trying,as well as hiding under a rock in case I happened got it wrong again and threw my craft needle right at at him in a fit of rage LOL.
So there I was sitting watching you tube videos over and over to learn and after hours of this I took the jump into the deep in to make a simple bunny blob shape critter,Dead cute.
However come the early hours of 1am and 2am I gave up and went to bed.
(2 cute bears)
That night my mind did not rest at all and I kept having the vidoes still playing in my head not a good way to get some sleep!So next thing im up at the crack of dawn and I start again with the deacation to get it to at least something that looked like the blob bunnie....I have know successfully made 2 bunnies and currently working on a new pattern.I am hoping with pratice i will be able to make more and more at ease and make diffrent ones for my Witchlet!
My Blob bunny below.

Till we merry meet again.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Japan Love

As I have said I have a some what love affair for Japan and more a less anything Japanese.I think it would be from my child hood where I used to watch a few Anime with my older Brothers such as Wolfs Rain.Then as I grew so did my Interest,Once game we used play at primary school was where we had to bow to each other and say hello in Japanese to each other,My first taste of Culture and a word from Japan. Odd game to say but it may have added to my thirst to learn more about Japan,I was a new girl at schools as we moved a lot with my fathers work I mind a few Kids ask if I was Japanese with my Jet black hair and I tan very easy so would have a olive completion.Kids say the Strangest things lol.
As I hit Teens my friends at (yet again a new school) watched lots of Anime from Sailor Moon to Dragon-ball Z and Yes I grew up with Pokemon,then I discovered Final Fantasy thanks to a close Friend whom had a big interest in Japan also,I remember we went to a after lunch time class to Learn Japanese. When I met my back then Boyfriend he was also into anime and or Films,Many nights we spent watching Anime and would watch it in subs as I adore the sounds and language of Japan.Not Just Anime I adore but it Ranges from the old culture before the World wars and Geisha's completely amaze me.Id love to go to Kyoto for the old feel of Japan.As I would love to go hit the city of Tokyo. Japanese Fashion is a love of mine as well they are the rulers of fashion in my opinion.Have to say some of it do look a bit out there for me.
My other Love from Japan is that no matter what they can make it REALLY cute LOL. If you are a regular reader you will know my secret love for Miss Hello Kitty,whom was created in Japan and taken on by the company Sanrio,And I have some collection of her in Plushie aka Soft toys.
''some of my Kitty's''
Last year Japan was hit really bad by a earthquake and then a Tsunami,It destroyed Lives,I happen to have friend in Japan and He felt the quake and posted it on Facebook I guess I knew of this quake before a lot of folks and when I sat and saw the damage,tears fell,My beautiful Japan took one heck of a hit from Mother Nature,Being a Witch I lit a white candle for hope and peace for Japan and let it burn of days on end,Lucky for me my Friend was safe and sound.
''me turing Japanese'' >.<
With my love for Japan and its Culture I do my best to understand it and because I love the Language I even have a good few JPop cds I listen too,as well I am trying Very slowly to learn to be able to say a lot in Japanese for some reason maybe due to me being dyslexic I can understand Romaji (Japanese written in our ABCs)fairly well and be able to sound out there sounds.Its my biggest dream to go there and see it all for myself.
Until we merry meet again ....Sore dewa mata! n.n xxx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hello Kitty Xmas

As some of you may know i am a huge Hello Kitty Fan with a Range of Kittys from my own beckoning Neko Kitty to a knee high Princess Kitty! So its only fitting as a fan to put my tree up this year with a touch of Kitty.
Witchlet is also a fan she has a few kitty toys and has loved Kitty or ''itty'' she whispers when she see's her own hello kitty toys,which is so so cute!My love for The Hello kitty goes way back however is more with my love affair with Japan,Its a dream for me to visit the place and more so Kyoto and Tokyo and a must to go to hello kitty lands aka Puroland.I think id need a food few weeks to see everything I want to see LOL,Any way back on topic....Xmas.
So my tree or yule tree/xmas tree is white.

(hello kitty tree)
I wanted a white one as I have fond memories of the tree my grandfather had a skinny scrawny thing it was white but for some reason I was fond of the old thing,Also my grandfather would visit every year on xmas,when he passed over I started to rebel against xmas as it was not the same,He was no longer there at the table at xmas lunch or getting odd xmas gifts from him.(one year I got loo Roll...the other year I got Reindeer poo ...yea.)Its my way of keeping his spirit with me.
But Witchlet entered the world on xmas day and well I didn't want her to rebel against xmas(tho she will no doubt when older LOL) so I will be going out my way to make it her day!So xmas will not ever be the same know.
As I said my tree is white as much as I would love a real tree I do like my white one!
Well who else would look better on top of my tree that a star? Yup a hello kitty!
I have 4 Angel kitty's that know take place in my tree since last year and know the shops and stores have started to sell more hello kitty its much easier for me to theme the tree on kitty as you can tell from my pictures!

I took a lot of pride making the tree look very cute and kitty like with the candy canes and pinks and purples. I also made my own Pentagrams for the Tree out of glitter bending sticks!Which witchlet will get to do when she is older as I 2 purples ones until next year!
Witchlet is getting lots of hello kitty stuff for Xmas and her Birthday! I think we will both have lots of fun this year.

Wishing you all a merry Hello Kitty Christmas!